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November 02, 2009


starry plough

Hi Michael, how do you feel about Mr Costello's comments? How much support in the labour party has he and his argument that workers should not protest out of solidarity for the unemployed

Michael Taft

Starry Plough - Mr. Costello? Are you thinking of Sean Sherlock's remarks as reported in the Sunday Tribune. No matter - I would hope that all members and supporters of progressive parties do everything possible to mobilise the highest possible turnout at ICTU's national day of action.

As I write this response, the countdown clock shows we have 3 days, 13 hours and 6 minutes to show mobilise support for working men and women - those in employment and those who desperately want to be in employment.

starry plough

Sorry michael. yes I did mean Sherlock. I'm getting concerned because I'm picking up a feeling that some of the people who should be fully behind the ICTU protest are getting a lot of media coverage.

I'll be there on Friday marching behind my union.

Proposition Joe

@Starry Plough

No need to be concerned ... think triangulation.

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