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October 22, 2012



A humane post, greatly needed in the aftermath of the 'Garda Sargeant's Wife' debate. I read Kathy Sheridan's article on the IT website and then plunged into the comments beneath. They were proof, if proof were even needed at this stage, of just how nasty people become when they become neo-liberal true believers. As one of those edging, monthly, towards a similar situation as 'Family X', along with hundreds of thousands of others, it's chilling to realise we live in a society where the nastiness exemplified by O'Hanlon appears to be widely held. It's clear the years of incessant public versus private sector are starting to rub off on people's attitudes towards the difficult circumstances of others.


Expecting anything other than fact-twisting and propaganda in the Sindo is an exercise in futility. Gene Kerrigan apart, it barely merits the description of 'newspaper', and only appeals to the baser instincts of certain elements of Irish society who consider themselves to be 'the squeezed middle' (i.e., squeezed by people on social welfare, public sector workers, etc; not by tax-avoiding corporations or actual tax exiles). I congratulate you on the restraint of your post, Michael!

As for the Irish Times comment ghouls, while I agree, CMK, that some of them display some pretty nasty traits, remember that most of them are 'informed' in the main body of the paper by the likes of Stephen Collins, who have the word 'Analysis' plastered above outrageously editorial pieces.

eamonn moran

Michal the one big point i think we have to insist on if people want their stories of poverty in middle Ireland to be told they have to willing to give full disclosure. The amount of people who are calling in to radio stations and writing to newspapers with half stories is rediculous. Michael there genuinely are a vast number of people who are bloody awful with the use of their money because they havent had to budget in years. A family earning 75,000 should not be struggling to feed themselves. Defending them when the average family wage is well below this and while they are spending 3,600 a year on VHI does a disservice to those that are earning below average and are in real need.


Full disclosure would be great, but it must apply to everybody, not just the poor.

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