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November 27, 2013


Sparky sparks

Nice to see Unite standing up for the incredibly privileged workers in ESB.

It really is time that the rich people had someone in their corner!

The 99% have their way for far too long. Time for the 1% to again reassert their rightful dominance.

Shure all those poor slobs only waste the electricity anyway on their PS2s, flat screen TVs, and microwaved pot-noddle. Why, they can drink their festive cans of Dutch Gold at room temperature (seeing as those rooms will be bracing in any case, due to the lack of heating). And candles will do them fine to read their red-top rags by, it was far from florescent lights that their fathers were rared!

A spot of Unite-inspired blackout will put those wage slaves back in their box and teach them a thing or two about respecting their betters!

Michael, you should indeed be proud to be associated with the privileged and their just fight for more privileges!

"Show us the money" will forever be our battle-cry!

Paddy Healy

Almost 50,000 people are on job activation schemes. At the press Conference CSO admitted to me that the 50,000 are not included in the unemployment figures but are included in the number in employment. Based on replies to PQs put down by Seamus healy TD The numbers on schemes are as follows:
Job Activation Schemes
June 30 2011 June 30 2012 June 30,2013
36,750 48,784 49,625
Increase over 2 years Q22013-Q22011 = 12,875
Essentially 49,625 should be added to the number unemployed. This will significantly increase the number unemployed as a fraction of the labour force.
Workers on schemes are specifically excluded from the category of employees under legislation as this would entitle them to the protections of employment law


Great post, Michael. Nice to see some scrutiny of these figures, instead of the cheerleading press releases carried by RTÉ et al.

But how remiss of you to delete the part of your post which discussed the ESB dispute at length. This kind of mean trick just makes the above comment by 'Sparky sparks' look like hit-and-run trolling. For shame, Michael, for shame.

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