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December 16, 2013


The Dork of Cork

Ehhh - Ireland exports a vast surplus of its wealth - hoping to get the concentrated capital toys of the cores production (via credit rather then wage allocation of goods)

Therefore our wages or indeed benefits are no where nearly high enough to buy the goods we need (we therefore get into debt to the bankers)......and yet you wish to increase taxes !!!!

I take it you know how the compound debt money system works.......


"A tax was, for the men
of the Middle Ages, essentially a grant
Government had to go to its subjects and say :
‘ We need for public purposes so much : can you meet us ?
What can you voluntarily give us ?

And the essential principle
of the Representative Houses of the Clergy
and of the Laymen all over Europe was a
convocation for this purpose ; taxation was
in those distant days a voluntary subsidy to the needs of the King, that is, of the public

“The subsidiary attack upon the
monasteries (the principal support of the
Papacy) produced an enormous economic
catastrophe and change in the distribution
of wealth. Through this the Monarchy ulti- mately lost its preponderant position as the
centre of the National Money-power, and was
therefore replaced as a governing agent by
the newly enriched landlords and the great
merchants of the towns.”

I agree decreased taxes would be catastrophic in the present monetary system but yee guys never talk of changing the monetary system.......don't you think that is very very strange ?

We simply lack a fiat king that can put the (equity) money back into peoples hands

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