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December 03, 2013


The Dork of Cork

This is a false debate.
A debate about how much we can tax free banking activity.

Ireland is merely a taxing authority under such confined & constricted exchanges. (a executive branch of the bank)

The reason why Ireland has zero internal and rational physical exchange is that it has no fiat authority.

Its the true reason why we must game the world for international credit using all means at our disposal no matter how absurd or wasteful such as the sending of our figurehead to japan so as to sell Irish Beef.
Ireland is beyond parody with leftish forces showing their true banking colours again and again.

The Dork of Cork

Fiat authority can also extend to curtailing and banning free banking activity which our true local leader (the central bank gov) likes so much.

Did you catch the VB show last night....a girl on the panel wondered where Iceland will get the money...
Well if they do it right the money will not have to come from anywhere as the debt /credit did not exist before the mortgage was issued.
In Ireland they think the state is merely a taxing authority….a arm of the bank and nothing more.
A fiat instruction is beyond their sad understanding.

Another VB Girl did not know the difference between a mean and average yet feels free to project her views on money and other good stuff.

Ireland is beyond parody.

Guys like you have been debating about this on the VB show longer then the second world war and yet we wait for the Left to come up with a viable solution.

People will be waiting a long time I fear.

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