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January 15, 2014



Hi Michael. Great to see your blog up and running again in the new year. Small comment to make on the first graph. I have never seen health divided out into "health and social work" before. I just wanted to say thank you for that! I am one of those people who is on a two tier pay scale. I do the same job as my colleagues for less money as I started working in the public sector after them.

From, a social worker (who is usually invisible on graphs)!

James Conran

The point about composition is interesting. Which way it cuts of course depends on whether high or low-paid people are more likely to have become unemployed (or leave the workforce via retirement, emigration or inactivity). I'm guessing, like you, that on average it's the lower-paid, but retirement would probably cut in the opposite direction - probably a lot of older, better-paid workers who have retired in the past few years were either not replaced at all or were replaced by lower paid workers (for example people being promoted but without as big a salary as the retiree).

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