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February 04, 2014


Colum McCaffery

Perhaps, Michael, your closing remark is a too charitable and they should be told to stop lying!

The Dork of Cork

Well I got out yesterday and observed a group of people waiting to be paid the Cheese and butter dole.

What was striking was the number of people using cars to collect these basic calories.

While I imagine most needed the food - perhaps the ironic nature of burning many times the amount of energy to collect these calories escaped them.

These people obviously cannot be blamed as like the rest of us are mere passengers in the ship of bank credit that the authorities have built for us.
We have a slump of basic fiat intensive consumption in favour of "growth" policies.
Perhaps politically connected farmers need a market for their goods but they are victims of this absurd credit intensive ecosystem also.

When is Ireland going to say stop to Euro based capital goods dumping (chiefly through 0% free banking car / bank outfits) which subtracts from the most basic of production distribution consumption loops via the banking artificial scarcity mechanism.

Another 1980s like theft and destruction of local supply chains is happening but the socialists "want growth" in a time of glut.

Give me strength.

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