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June 05, 2014


Geraldine Carroll

The fact that this is being explored shows maturity in humanity. I'm sure it will meet with resistance from some quarters because a fairer society doesn't auger well for those plagued by avarice. However, the masses are awakening and there is a huge upsurge in goodwill that I sincerely hope will drive this on.

The Dork of Cork

A Basic Income measure would be inflationary under the current monetary system.
However if you prevented the current form of insider free banking (the modern state) which destroys real capital at a rate unimaginable to most (its purpose is to simply maintain the concentration of wealth at all costs) then you would get a more then adaquate distribution of resources.

Anne B ryan

Basic income is a necessary part of any coherent state strategy for fostering private-sector business and entrepreneurship in the future. By providing basic securities for those wishing to start a business, it would create a supporting scaffold on which enterprise,
creativity and inventiveness can flourish.
It would also allow social
entrepreneurs, who are not motivated by profit, to thrive. It would be a particularly good for cooperative and partnership ventures.

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