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July 08, 2014


The Dork of Cork

You don't invest in a country with a chronic lack of purchasing power.

I have read Micheal Burke in his firms holding cash thingy just now...
He states.

"This is because private firms are not concerned with growth, either GDP growth or the growth of their own productive capacity. They are primarily driven by the growth of their own profits, or preserving them. Where that is not possible, where new capex will not meet an expected level of return, no new investments will be made ”

Surely that is a logical outcome from a firms standpoint.

You have got the entire thing back to front boy. Companies won’t invest because the purchasing power of the masses is not there boy. It has been extracted by the banks (that is their only business model) Surely you return purchasing power to the people before any more capital goods overproduction you call “growth” further erodes their collective purchasing power via depreciation of self same goods. You stop banks extracting purchasing power via inflation , artifical deflation , opening borders to external people etc etc etc . And you do not engage in growth policies. God forbid. Look what 400 years of capitalist growth as done for the irish society ???? It has caused its total collapse for the third time in our post Tudor history
. You engage in useful work which supports life support.
You do not engage in Maosit drives of overproduction.

The Irish left needs to get out of this Pig Iron mentality and embrace real non bank economists who were interested in real distribution such as CH Douglas.
Irish left Corporatism makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.

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