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June 30, 2015



Hi Michael,

I followed the link to the Eurostat tables there, and it seemed to give figures for Ireland that were slightly above the EU-15 average, not below. For volume indices per capita, I got an Irish figure of 121 for 2014; for purchasing power parities, I got 1.04580. Am I reading the data wrong, or is there something else that I'm not taking account of? Thanks!

Michael Taft

Ed - the figures you got were for GDP (and they tell a story as well which I hope to get to when I return from break - how wealthy we actually are). The data reference which is a proxy for living standards is 'actual individual consumption'. Just click on the down menu of Aggreg95 and click actual individual consumption. If you want more measurements (such as private consumption or consumer spending) just click on the + sign next to Aggreg95 and go down the table (its at the end) and whatever you want to look at. Let me know if that gets you to the information you want.

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