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November 22, 2006



"Nearly two-thirds of all households earn less than the national average, so skewered is income in favour of highest groups."

...the presumption, always there but never explained, is that inequality of income is a bad thing. Why? Some people work a lot harder than others. Some people are a lot smarter than others. They get paid for producing goods and services that other people want, and they are entitled to. What's "skewered" is productivity, and that's just a fact of life.

Of course there are some exceptions. Sometimes a person's income is quite unrelated to their productivity, e.g. politicians, lawyers, state board appointees, and public sector workers. Or in terms of taxing for welfare - when the government steps in to punish work and reward non-work - you get a socialist hellhole such as France. People who would work hard have their energy and enthusiasm crushed, while the poor get addicted to welfare, breeding a laziness that gets passed from generation to generation.

We've got a lot to be thankful for in Ireland today. I guess in many ways the last decade has been a complete disaster for the Irish Left, hasn't it? Lower taxes allowed people to gain wealth far beyond the imaginations of previous generations. Virtually anyone can get rich, provided they're willing to put in the hours, and their spirit has not been destroyed by welfare addiction. With record employment and unprecedented opportunity, the Marxist concept of class warfare has been, once again, totally discredited. Because, instead of getting green with envy at the wealth of someone else, it’s far more productive just to get good at your job.

It's good to see how the Labour party, or at least those members of it who care about being in government, are finally facing up to the painful truth that the socialism they want is never going to happen here. Sure, some of them are still dreaming about it. And yes, they would damage Ireland's prosperity. But no major tax rises after the election? Thanks Pat. I might vote for you in 2012 after you’ve admitted that the Right was right all along.


David of November 2006 must feel like a right idiot now eh?

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