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July 10, 2007


Luke Mc

>Cycling has its own problem >since a new infrastructure of >safe and secure cycle lanes >are needed

I fundamentally disagree. What cycling requires is an end to one-way systems and a strictly enforced 30km speed limit within the canals.


Luke, I'm certainly not suggesting any postponement of cycling initiatives. As a walker and a cyclist I'm familiar with the problems entailed with both - especially cycling. Clearly, reducing traffic speeds is important as is one-way traffic flows. But there's no doubting that cycling needs extra protection. I have come across studies that show that safety is the main deterrent for taking up cycling - especially with children and school. All one has to do is cycle down the quays or share bus lanes with buses or taxis or try to get across lanes to turn, to see there are problems. However, they are not insurmountable - as other cities have shown. A concentrated emphasis on cycling and walkng as part of an overal urban transport policy could effect considerable reduction in congestion - and improve our health

Michael Mc Loughlin

Have you looked out the window Michael! :-(

Most public transport users are walking some distance either to and from the bus/train also

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