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July 01, 2007



I've found the new discourse which argues Labour is too associated in the public mind with unions to be very curious. It seems like a media invention to me, particularly as you note above most trade unionists don't vote Labour, and it would be interesting to see a breakdown of trade union officials political allegiences...

Chris Bond

Excellent article, Labour the party founded to represent the trade unions were the only party to attack the unions prior to the election. It would be funny if it wasnt so obsecene. 2 months before the election, Pat Rabbite attacked the ATGWU over ''threatenining blackouts''. Have we moved that far from our roots, Trevor Seargent attacking environmentalist would be unthinkable. If we keep alienating those who are most likely to support us, how on earth do we ever expect to get more than 9.9% of the vote.

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