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September 28, 2007


Aidan OSullivan

I was part of a group trip to Cuba last year. We got a tour of the health infrastructure. It was simply amazing what they achieve living under that embargo.

The Latin American School of Medicine, which trains and then exports doctors all over the developing world, was a true inspiration.

Convincing the Irish people that their tax money will be well spent on services will be a major challenge for us.

Michael, excellent work again as usual. These things do really seep into the political consciousness. I have pondered another health system for some time which I feel might be an easier get to for us and is also an exemplar I feel; Luxembour. Here we have a combination of universal health coverage paid for by a percentage of take home through private bidding hospitals which have negotiated costs that compete for these funded trust based monies. Health professionals negotiate wages similarily to our partnerships already in existence. All workers pay caise de maladie health insurance and can reclaim typically 100% of health expenditure though in some cosmetic treatments this may reduce. Welfare recipients claim free. This is not obviously proposed to be an additional cost for taxpayer as a corresponding cut in taxation would be necessary. This is certainly financially viable if you consider that we currently fund an ineffecient system that spends the equivalent of all personal taxation. I am not the best at explaining the system, but perhaps if someone can get access to a relevant link that would simplify this then it could be posted. I feel this could be a real opportunity to do something of major importance better.


You might be interested in reading 'Social Health Insurance' published by the Adelaide Hospital Society. It puts forward an excellent case for an insurance-based health system. It also surveys other SI systems in Europe, including Luxembourg. You can get it here

In terms of real issue for Labour that makes a difference and differentiates the party I do believe strongly that this is it. Requires huge effort and commitment and bravery in the area of short-term politics; however it could be the rolls royce. Would leave to see an extended debate, perhaps even a convention on this


Really enjoyed your first look at taxation and social insurance etc. Could these combine with earlier comments I made re health insurance, which I now see were sent without signature and could they form a basis for a convention being called for a debat?

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