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October 30, 2007



Well now. That certainly sets the record straight. I love the way these narratives enter into the public consciousness. I actually have enormous respect for those who do take risks, bet the farm, start up a company. But they're not there, are they?


Yes agree, surprising stuff that really should be shouted from the rooftops. It has been pointed out by many over the years that a central underlying difficulty with a universal health insurance is a lack of willingness on the part of the medical profession to accept salaried work. I doubt many non-medics would have guessed their place in these stats.


Very insightful, but one crucial question.

You said "excluding the cases where no economic sector was identified, nearly a third of the top earners work in the broad medical area". What percentage were the cases where no economic sector was identified? If these cases are very numerous it undermines the subsequent analysis because it essentially means there are too many cases about which we don't know enough to comment.


Tomaltach - about 1,800 cases were not identifiable by sector - or about 22% of all over-€200,000 earners. I suspect that its not so much the sector that couldn't be identified (for the NACE codes have a category for 'miscellaneous' or 'not known') but rather that the income came from different economic activities. For instance, a highly paid PAYE employee (e.g. a company director) may also receive income by way of rents or directorships in other sectors). Though I can't say for certain, I suspect a similar pattern concerning the non-entrepeneurial source of income is at work among the 'unidentifiable' categories.

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