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November 08, 2007




Greeting from Stab/Shotgun city!

Broadly I agree with you but you need to look further at Denmark before you quote it. The participation rate at Q42006 in Denmark was 75.8%. Ireland's was 62.1% (Chapter 2, table 2.2. of the Statistical Yearbook).

However badly structured the SW system is it cannot explain a discrepancy in participation of nearly 14%. I know we are all supposed to accept different types of "families", however social problems are playing a far bigger part in the area of worklessness than the awkwardness of SW. Perhaps the first question to ask in many cases is - how did the person end up long-term on SW?

A more holistic approach is required, but I feel we will need to consider a compulsory return to education and training as a natural part of improving the situation. Otherwise we end up in a spiral of despair as can be seen here in Limerick.

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