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February 25, 2008



Great post Michael.

I think however Seán Dunne's problems are slightly greater than anyone really imagines.

Will any banker give him a loan to redevelop the site? Even Ulster Bank cannot be stupid enough to provide him with further cash.

However in Irish Revenue parlance, such information is referred to as a GCR or Good Citizen Report. We seriously need further good citizens to spill the beans and collect a few €uro for their decency. In the past the Revenue could not legally get info from a bank official as getting an official to divulge the info was a crime in itself. However all CDs, DVDs or just plain old paper files will be accepted!


Good Citizen Report? Never heard of that but let's hope there are a lot of good citizens loitering outside of financial institutions, etc. Would you happen to know, N, if there have been many such reports used here in Ireland. I also see that Revenue is talking to German officials over Prince Hans tax haven - any hope we can land some big fish.

As to Citizen Dunne - there are many things I worry about but his financial affairs are not one of them. Nor would I worry too much about Ulster Bank's affairs if, as you rightly say, they are stupid enough to throw good money after bad. Because I know that if the Bank got into trouble the Board of Directors would come running and begging for Government handouts to bail them out. Ah, capitalism.

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