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March 04, 2008


Pavement Trauma

Some people think we are rather competitive.

Ireland does well in competitiveness
Jamie Smyth in Brussels

"IRELAND IS ranked as one of Europe's most competitive economies in two surveys due to be published today by influential European think tanks."


1st: Finland (2007 ranking: 3rd)

2nd: Ireland (2007 ranking: 4th)

3rd: Denmark (2007 ranking: 1st)

4th: Sweden (2007 ranking: 2nd)

5th: Poland ( 2007 ranking: 6th)


All their quoted comments are essentailly correct. We are competetive in many ways. Our problem is that the fees that are charged for office and factory rental are very high. As are some of the service costs charged by proffesional compared to the rest of the euro area. But never mind as someone who worked for one of Davy's competitors once told me, "There is great money in fees".



I too had a good laugh at our optimistic friends in Davys report. Crisis what crisis! We are unlikely to see anything close to their 2% growth in 2008 and I do not see any sign of a pick up in 2009.

I await to see Davy's report in the morning after this afternoon's Feb tax figures.

By my (reasonably well informed) estimates we are now facing a tax figure for the year in or around €45-46Bn, or at least €3,000M short of target, but perhaps up to €4,000M short. As the Govt. are commited to no tax rises, this can only lead to cuts in expenditure.

There is one great freedom our US friend's forgot to mention - the freedom not to contribute by way of paying taxes. This seems to have caught on in a big way here!

The Dáil have not yet finished with the Finance Bill and I smell a mini budget of cutbacks. I reckon perhaps two days after the Lisbon referendum and in a Dáil recess.

However wait for the final half of the year. I predict a return to net emigration, leaving more of those lovely newly built houses empty and by 2009 there will be a free house in Cavan, Leitrim and various other places with every packet of cornflakes!


We are no where near the bottom of this depression. The house prices will drop, then the rents will drop, more houses will come on the market, and depress the market furher. Building will stop, the emigrant labor force will leave, collapsing the rent economy. And the government will continue to tell everyone that everything is Ok.

Saying anything else is contrary to their conservative delusion


Yes, Pavement Trauma, a lot of people think we are competitive. But, of course, it depends what categories they are surveying. I think that there is a problem with our competitiveness - on that I'd agree with IBEC. I just happen to think they should look to their own garden and stop throwing stones in others peoples'.

KevanB - regarding fees, I'll have to take your word on it.

Here's a good one for you, N. The NIB report came out a couple of days before the recent ESRI review - a kind of 'don't worry be happy'. The first line in their report was that GNP growth this year would be 3.5%. I wonder if they take on-line amendments.

Branedy - hard words, uncomfortable words and, I'm afraid, true words.


thats for sure, man

Kevin Lynch

Economic freedom, which the Heritage Foundation is talking about,is different to, Political Freedom, and you rightly point out the poor record of Singapore. Both are important. If this post somehow proves that "conservative" means "evil", you haven't really convinced anyone.

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