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July 23, 2008



Now I could be misunderstanding something, or doing poor maths... so
correct me if I'm wrong.

They investigated about 1/100th of the people on the scratch. That
resulted in 1.5m over 10 months. Assuming that fraud is a constant
across the rest of the dole we'd be saying that the total saving if
every dodgy fella were caught.

1.5*1.2*100 = 180m a year

That's .001% of the entire budget, so multiply by 1000 and you find that
the anual social welfare budget is 180 billion.

I call shennanigans

Michael Taft

All I can say is - that is a mighty calculus you've done there, JD.


Hanafin and her department are ABSOLUTELY correct with this initiative. Your contention that the unemployed are getting hammered here is pure nonsense!!! Look what a cursory analysis has yielded - there is considerable if not pervasive fraud taking place among certain recipients of social welfare who know exactly what they are (and aren't) doing. This is a laudable initiative - in times of boom OR recession.

Michael Taft

Thanks for your comment, Putzie. Can I ask, is there not just a tiny bit concern that we're all being taken for a ride on Hanafin's policy? There's no indication (and she didn't produce any evidence) that the new signing on regime will catch anymore cheats than the current regime. And she failed to produce any costings, leaving open the possibility that it might cost more to change regime. Shouldn't we at least demand an evidence-based and costed policies from our Ministers?


I wonder how much of this initiative is in fact driven by the expectation that by making the dole more difficult to access (or more stigmatised) a certain proportion of people who have lost their jobs, have never needed social welfare before, are entirely entitled to jobseekers allowance etc. but at the same time aren't quite at penury's door just yet, will decide not to jump through these hoops?

Michael Taft

Excellent point, James. One thing's for sure - the Minister is not making it any easier for people to get the insurance benefit they have paid into.

corporate welfare

It's ironic that MORE pressure to go out and look for a job is exerted precisely at that time when there are LESS JOBS. This shows such policies up for what they are: Cheap political stunts that will cost the irish taxpayer more money, bring extra bureaucratic stress and harassment into the already difficult lives of the poor and those who have lost their jobs. Why not just allow the unemployed to voluntarily submit their passports when claiming benefit, (in return for not being harassed perhaps?), thereby avoiding the issue of them "holidaying" abroad without costing the state anything other than storage, and saving on "investigators" wages.
Anyway whats the problem with them going abroad?. It's much cheaper to live there (probably a very logical move. It makes your SW allowance go much further!).And what would people have them do? cower in their irish overpriced rented accomodation, unable to afford food, heating or to go out occasionally, feeling depressed, eventually killing themselves in despair? At least a bit of sun is good for them and they might realise what a petty expensive corrupt place this is, decide to STAY abroad. Or they might even be more likely to get a job there than here. In either case saving us lots of money in the long run.

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