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September 05, 2009



Can we use other information to see what is happening:


I have a vague memory that some citizens of other EU member states might not be entitled to social welfare in Ireland.

If there is emigration, will it be possible to get information on just who is leaving? Is it Poles returning to Poland after spending two or three years here or is it recent graduates from Irish colleges heading for the UK, Australia or the USA?

(Having asked the question, I should say that I'm not sure what I would read into such differences, though. I have a problem with anybody, whatever their origin, leaving because they can't get work here.)


Tipster, there is the habitual abode rule, which requires a period of residence here before receiving SW payments. Many of the East European workers and workers of other nationalities are entitled to receive SW payments and indeed many are on the register. The habitual abode rule would also prevent an Irish citizen returning from abroad from claiming SW as there can be no discrimination, positive or negative - we are all Europeans!

There is one group, which Michael left out of his figures and is particularly relevant for August - school leavers and graduates signing on for the first time. As there are very few summer jobs, I would have expected to see a substantial increase in numbers in August.


Tipster, that looks like a very interesting paper. Can I refer you to a recent post on progressive-economy, which used mobile phone numbers

Anon of Ibid

I think that people who take voluntary redundancies are not qualified to sign on as well - it must be involuntary. Can anyone confirm?


Article in Tribune today claims unemployment is static or falling in commuter counties. That is a sure indicator of emigration.


I think its safe to say that emigration has started and will continue.

Funny then, that the government insists that property prices have almost bottomed out and will start rising again real soon.

On this farcical assumption does, NAMA, and the fate of the nation rest.


Anon of lbid, There can be a delay in making payments to those who receive a ex- gratia payment from their former employer. However, they would still be entitled to sign on. This is only fair as the tax reliefs available for such payments can be huge.

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