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September 02, 2009



A thread running through recent NOTF postings has linked Taxation, Garret Fitzgerald and the newest consensus. In a comment on NOTF WorldByStorm helpfully took out some of Garret's articles from the recent past. It is worth quoting the closing remarks from his Irish Times aricle of 14th February 2009, in which he called for the tackling of the tax shortfall (the online version excludes the useful table in Garret's printed piece, if memory serves me corrctly). Garret's says:

"Our present crisis does not derive from over-spending – for current spending this year is now projected to be €2 billion below that projected for 2009 in the December 2007 budget.

As the Taoiseach himself has now made explicit, our problem is rather a €6 billion revenue shortfall, which his Government must now tackle."

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