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September 29, 2009



The paltry provisions made by government to help people back into education and retraining is an ongoing disgrace.

I would guess however that many of the people who have lost their property bubble related jobs will either a) not want to retrain or b) not have the financial wherewithal to do so.

Even with significantly better supports than are currently available, how many recently retrenched workers would be able to shoulder the drop in incomes associated with returning to education?

My guess would be that we will see an increasing trend of unemployed tradesmen etc taking themselves to the airport and looking for work abroad rather than hanging around to enroll in a FAS course.

The big question for me is just how many people are we going to lose?


I'm pessimistic about what the government can do to raise the level of education of the unemployed.

Your statistics clearly show that nearly 40% of the unemployed are at primary school or junior certificate level. Now, I work in one of these high-value knowledge economy jobs (or whatever flibbery foo you want to call it). To get my job, I have a leaving certificate, an honours degree and a postgraduate degree. An unemployed person in the above category is looking at 8-11 years just to catch up to the level of where I'm at. For the vast majority of the population, reaching this level of attainment will not happen.

FAS would usually provide training for people in this segment, but I'm not convinced they're up to the job. I was looking at some of the courses that they offer the other night. Welding, carpentry, electrical, basic word processing. We have unemployed people in these professions coming out of our ears, yet we're still training more!

To be honest, I can only see a very inefficient, state-sponsored manufacturing/construction-based enterprise as being the solution.

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