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January 30, 2010


Cathal Dur

I suspect the benchmark from an IBEC perspective may not be the EU15 but Poland, Hungary and so on.


Do IBEC have any proper facts?
IBECs two main mantras of 'The vast majority in the Private Sector have had a pay cut' and the one addressed above are suspect to say the least.
The more they are repeated, the more they are seen as 'fact' and policy is framed by that.

Padraig McKeon

Guess what - ye're all right and ye're all wrong. All of the stats quoted are on different bases with different qualifications, caveats and conditions. Statistics can be used and abused to prove anything - this post is no different in that respect

Michael Taft

Padraig - what statistic did I abuse and how did I abuse it?

Aidan R

Michael, been trying to locate Ireland on the 'German Statistical Board' webpage. Ireland seems to be missing from their list for hourly labour costs. Do you have a link to it? Thanks.


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