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May 26, 2011



Will this apply to Gardai Co Co, Nurses and people in the public service. How can there be different sets of rules applied to houirly paid workers

Michael Taft

Robert - apologies for getting back late n this. The fact is that the Sunday premium is part of general labour law. All workers, by statute, are entitled to some recompense for working on Sundays. Were the JLC machinery crashed or prevented from collectively bargaining the Sunday premium, JLC workers would still be entitled to compensation. The problem lies in the reality that JLC workers have weak bargaining powers and will either not get the compensation, will find it difficult to vindicate that right in what could be an overwhelmed state industrial-relations machinery, or will be afraid to pursue that right due to the threat of victimisation.

As in all things, there are formal rights and real-life rights. They don't always coincide.

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