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September 20, 2011


Seanán Kerr

"But this is a Eurozone issue as well and it is necessary for the European public to become aware of the immense burden Ireland is carrying for non-existent banks. For instance, how would the German public react if they had to repay an equivalent dead-bank debt of over €700 billion, with annual repayments of around €50 billion for over a decade? Or if the French had to pay over €550 billion with annual repayments of around €40 billion (nearly four times the amount of the recently announced austerity package)? The appropriate Government Ministers could launch a Eurozone-wide information campaign - informing the public, commentators and policy makers of the immense debt burden that is Anglo/INBS. We believe this would elicit considerable sympathy (and not a little bit of shock), thus strengthening the Government’s negotiating position."

Hi Michael, we've spoken and met before, what you suggest here seems like an ideal project for the initiative I set up to have a crack at (namely IDIP the (Irish Debt Info-graphic Project). I was in the process of organising a delivery based on the findings of the Debt Audit but it seems if we were to put together an ingo-graphics delivery based on the issue of Anglo alone it would be much more effective, if this sounds like a good idea and you want to get in touch about it I'm at seanankerr(at)gmail(dot)com

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