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March 13, 2012


Rita Cahill

thanks, micael, we need to call on global news from all over, to catch these villians and for the irish people to tell what is happening here in Ireland" including Our Human Rigts of the Constitutional Law" We Need to Make these Criminals Responsible for This Crisis including the Corruot presiden Rigged Vote of Ireland, The Bastard surely played us With RTE Propaganda Regime and the Government and make them accountable for Treason, And Corruption, USA Have Stepped over the line " And The Irish FG /LB government, this is a democracy of freedom of speech" get a court Judge order to stop these Villian Now, As they Have Loaded military FBI Forces In Shannon Co Limerick, Over 600,0000 and the China ma loaded of cranes in Dublin Dockland Ferry,Rita


With the best of the world, unsubstantiated assertions underpin a lot of what masquerades under Mr. Collins's byline as 'Analysis' or 'Comment' in the Times. He likes to reiterate the usual myths about wild public spending in this country, with anyone begging to differ being labelled 'extremist' or 'populist'. Expecting him to display knowledge of basic macroeconomics (particularly if it interferes with his narrative) is an exercise in futility.


Careless edit on my part - apologies.

The first sentence should start 'With the best will in the world...'.


Collins is, as ever, rubbish. That said, it's a bit of leap to say that past Irish fiscal policy would be "vindicated" under the fiscal compact.

It would be allowed, sure, but hardly vindicated. Adultery being legal is not a state "vindication".

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Collins were not rubbish I think.

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