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May 18, 2012


Hugh Sheehy

Goodness, I find myself agreeing with something Michael Taft wrote! Astonishing.

Mind you, his last section on "social justice" is one worth mentioning. I always get the impression that Mr. Taft's idea of "social justice" consists of high taxes and a socially dominant state run by people he likes.

Eoin O'Mahony (@eoinomahony)

Michael, thanks for putting this in perspective this morning. Waking and hearing about 'jobs being created at IBM' reminded me that we are just two weeks from a referendum and not living in some new economic miracle.

Michael Taft

Thanks for that Eoin.

And Hugh - let's not spoil it with talk of high taxes and a socially dominant state. Let's just dwell on this rare moment of agreement. It will be beautiful while it lasts.

Jerry Melinn

Government spin in the run-up to the referendum on the Fiscal Compact? Same pressure here in Greece coming from Europe and local pro-bailout parties before the second election on June 17th.

Colum McCaffery

If you think that nonsense in public debate is confined to either economics or to government speakers, you have no idea of the extent of of the problem. Here's my latest swipe at the problem of incompetent journalism:


Question for Eamon Gilmore - does he share the view of his colleague Michael Noonan that corportate profits and 'tax protection' are more important than the 'simplistic idealism of social justice'? It seems to me that this is a much more significant slipping of the mask than Richard Bruton's reference to a second referendum.

Kieran Sullivan

It's worrying that Noonan & Co. feel so buffeted in power by the media (and buffered by the Labour party), that they are comfortable enough to reveal their true beliefs in public.

Given the Irish Times has his back and edited out his give-up-yer-oul-social-justice comment, he's probably feeling even more comfortable now.


Just to update on the 'social justice' quote. It appears that Noonan never said that. While there is a chance it appeared in the article, it didn't come from Colm Keena's report of the Bloomberg event.

We should realise it was fake though, as it was factually accurate. What we can be 100% sure Noonan did actually say was complete nonsense - that the economy is doing better this year than last year and that off-the-wall comment about feta cheese.
See Peter Geoghegan for details on the 'social justice' quote here:

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