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December 06, 2012


I'm really puzzled by your claim that this budget was largely imposed on the Labour Party.

Are you not crediting Joan Burton with any agency in the cuts choice of cuts made in her department?

And what an interesting array of cuts she's approved.

The cuts of 25%-33% on the period to job seekers allowance coverage really stands out.

Think about what this says about Labour's priorities and value system.

Basically these are private sector workers who have paid for a certain quantum of insurance cover, contributing to the state's coffers in the form of PSRI, and also net-new PAYE payments.

In that sense they are among the most deserving of social welfare recipients, with a proven track-record of not being work-shy.

But these are the *only* dole claimants that Joan Burton thinks are avoiding a return to the labour market.

So their insurance provider unilaterally cuts their potential pay-out, while at the same time increasing their premium.

It just shows how removed the insider elite is from the realities of the economy, if she think these recently unemployed workers are avoiding hard work.

Not the careerist welfare class.

Not the surplus staff who absolutely must be redeployed to madey-uppy jobs when their positions are is in all reality redundant.

After decades of being coddled by the state herself, Joan might as well be from outer space given how much she understands about the realities experienced by the wurkerz who actually do want to work hard when they can.

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