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December 13, 2013


Vincent Lavery

That about says it all in a nut-shell, I think that we should leave Europe, dump the Euro and drive all those foreign banks out of our country and set-up a national bank Of the people for the people and issue our own currency. It would be tough at first but if we are honest and responsible then I think that it could work!

John #Molyneux

Excellent, Michael.

The Dork of Cork

"car sales are down....."

So what ?
We still buy 70 -80s new cars a year which we don't need.
Remember we are a country under embargo.....and yet we can afford to buy BMWs!!

You don't seem to understand how the EU scarcity mechanism works.
Iceland burns more diesel on is fishing fleet then its road transport for a reason.

Its not a member of the IEA and not a member of the EU.

If it were you would see a very different energy balance.
A Irish like energy balance sheet where we burn energy on European added value toys before the energy can be made useful.
Forced car sales via free banking activities is a crucial part of the EU entrepot as it is a simple means to regulate scarcity in the interests of the financial sector.

Look at Londons balance of payments...its income from the rest of the world and especially the EU declined during the start of the economic crisis.
Now that its collecting more interest on the money supply rather then depending on credit expansion (Ulster Bank free banking operations) in the euro area it can only burn the oil in a more direct fashion in its home market.
The UK is the only growing large car market in the EU for this reason.

We now live in a oil standard rather then gold standard world.
If so lets pour oil down their throats.
It will be a sort of modern Marcus Licinius Crassus moment.

The financial sector won't know what to do with the surplus.
If they are to burn it a massive car boom would be needed in England destroying what remains of their once green and pleasant land.

Robert Browne

You sure about all this lads? One thing for sure is that you guys know how to talk the best béal bocht ever! However, I believe behind the scenes the marble tiles and hardwood floors are going well and the state of the art offices going well too and will soon be ready for the hard working representatives of Ireland’s “proletariats”. Austerity we were led to believe had nearly done for you, brought you to your knees we were told?

Only last week, I was talking to some of the "real" proletariats renovating Unite’s premises on Middle Abbey Street, next door, appropriately enough, to “The Twisted Pepper” home of great coffee btw. Work going on now for the best part of a year now and working more or less flat out for most of the time, including some all nighter’s. Worker solidarity in action or what? All to make sure Unit have only the best!

No expense spared on this renovation, including shower facilities, state of the art data comms, meeting rooms with full conference facilities. Michael should be nice and fresh for negotiations or he can do his regular appearance complete with the obligatory red tie, with Vincent B, without ever having to go home to freshen up! Austerity? Not on my watch says Taft! Hope I get an invite for the big opening.

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