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February 03, 2014


Colum McCaffery

The Dork of Cork

"Thankfully, while much of Europe (including Britain) is increasingly insular, nostalgic and hostile to both outsiders and change, that is not the case in Ireland. We are willing to learn from other’s success"
He really means The Irish can even now after all that has happened be manipulated by the forces of capital more so then other peoples.

He wants yet more capital overproduction and subsequent dumping.

This is why socialists are the bankers best friends.

Let me make this very clear.
We have enough stuff.
Everytime a little more surplus becomes available the bankers produce and dump credit produced capital intensive products on the unsuspecting public and call it "growth"
Subtracting from real final demand that can actually be used by a normal person.
The central authority (see the banks) create the demand via bank credit production and its conduit goods.

Ireland now has tanking milk sales and a 33% rise in new Jan car sales.

Socialists make me want to puke.

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