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May 08, 2014


Noreen Murphy

Hi, some points on your article. Ireland spends 1 billion on domestic water and sanitation. The government have committed to taking half of that from the citizens (for now). 500 million divided by 1.35 million homes is actually €370. In the long run, they say there will be full cost recovery, 1 billion divided by 1.35 million homes is €740 + profit. Please consider the long term implications of removing a billion euros per annum from the pockets of Irish citizens.How many jobs will be lost to society? Initially, the company will lay off 1200 workers, then we will see thousands more join them. Please look at these points. Water is a human right!


Sick of the exploitation. Get real government. We get more than we need with the constant rain. Problems were never fixed during Celtic tiger. Do they go to bed trying to work out how to blood from a stone? It's a stone. Ireland has no blood left.IT IS A STONE...!j

Noel maguire

We have been paying a 2% levy on our PRSI contributions since the early 80 s for water and waste , this like our road tax which now called motor tax because it doesn't go into roads , doesn't go into water either , but supports the 800 odd quangos that were supposed to be abolished

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