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November 05, 2014


Pat Waine

great figures and a lot clearer now about the cost. Love to get you out here for a Public meeting to go through these.

Declan Sheehan

Well written Michael, even I can understand it.. Would love to see Enda stutter his way around those figures.

Danny McHugh

Excellent. It is a pity the LP won't pay any heed.


The General President of our largest trade union, SIPTU, was emphatic and explicit in his contention to a gathering of his members last week that non-implementation of water charges would cost EUR 800 million. Not only that, but he was equally emphatic and explicit that that EUR 800 million would have to found from 'taxation on workers or cuts to public spending'. This is a great analysis but it is utterly depressing when a leading 'trade unionist' is backing up the government's dodgy claims without so much as a nod in the direction of analyses such as these.

Sean McDiarmada

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