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October 04, 2016


Ernie Ball

Surely it is meaningless to suggest one figure or range for the whole of Ireland rather than two: one for Dublin and one for everywhere else. €75,000 surely is middle-class (and squeezed) in Dublin, where rent for even a modest house or apartment is €2k/month and 75k won't buy much for even a first-time buyer without substantial savings.

Michael Taft

That's a good point, Ernie. Unfortunately, there is no data (that I know of) that separates out incomes from Dublin and the rest of the country except for the CSO's average county income figures. One could extrapolate but this would be crude. A back-of-the-envelope job suggests that the Dublin middle would be between €21,800 and €53,400 or, approximating full-time, €25,400 and €63,300. This is only a guess.

Danny Rafferty

Michael-Are these figures gross income or net (disposable income)?

Danny Rafferty

Shane Coleman seems to be talking about gross figures- you appear to be talking about net. So not a really fair comparison. Shane's figures of gross 35-75k would be approx net 28-47- much closer to your figures?

Michael Taft

Danny - the figures are gross. There is a link to the Revenue database, the first data-set which is gross income.

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