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November 14, 2016



1. 80,000 social homes
2. Convert USC to a universal health tax/charge to shire up, improve health service
3. Infrastructure building programme with necessary confrontation with EU over borrowing for investment.
4. Repeal the 8th
5. Investment programme in climate change measures
6. Improved access to cheaper childcare
7. 2% on corporate tax in order to...
8. Fund improvements in education

Marcus Bullion

I find it laughable that you think Fianna Fail or Fine Gael are Conservative. Both parties have increased government size in each turn. Fine Gael oversaw the Constitutional amendment so same sex marriage could be legalised. They have also socialised the debt burden destroying much of the middle class in the act. The only thing that separates them from Progressive Socialism wholesale is their slow uptake of Middle east immigrants.

D.R,O'Connor Lysaght

The essential difference between progressives and conservatives is not a division over government size (neo-liberal V. neo mercantile). If it were, Trump would be progressive and Clinton conservative. Rather, it is over the q. of power in state and society, of whether or no we accept the system whereby a small number of property owners are allowed to dictate the standard of living of the majority, with only limited control by the democratic (or otherwise) state.

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