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March 27, 2018


Barry Doyle


I am really not sure where the Irish left are coming from on the housing crisis.

The main problem is, clearly, this: no enough rental housing. Why? Because of years of undersupply that has only just begun to turnaround.

Too much demand in the face of too little supply.

The solution, in the end, will be a net increase of rental properties operated by private investors. Providing that increase comes about ( providing we don’t get swamped on the demand side) will see rents stabilize

The answer is not a massive shift towards giving the social and affordable housing sector the job of providing the rental housing that every housing system needs. A larger social and affordable housing system is desirable and standing policy should be to ensure the net number of housing in the system increases year on year but that sector is, and will remain, the second pillar to a much larger private rental market system.

To suggest otherwise is to engage in policy making fantasy.

The Irish left should be advocating now for policies that encourage private investment in new rental properties and, contemporaneously, assist local government and housing association to grow and develop the social housing system.

It really is that simple.



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