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July 16, 2018


Colum McCaffery

Right, so less than 6 million would bring all servants up the living wage. Next question is where to get the money. How about finding out at what level would a public service pay ceiling achieve a mere 6 million. I asked the same question over and over again when there was a requirement for a huge saving. Reducing inequality of income in the public service doesn't seem to be a matter for discussion.

Colum McCaffery

By the way, Michael, I take it you are aware that there are thousands of public servants who do not figure here, e.g. council workers.

Michael Taft

Colum - I'm fairly certain that the Irish Times figure of 19,000 below €25,000 includes local authority workers. They claim that this represents 6 percent of all public sector workers - so that would mean 317,000 in total.

From data that I have seen, a lot of workers below the Living Wage are employed at local authority level - primarily new entrants.

Colum McCaffery

Yep, a biggish number is more like it. Think too about including workers in state companies.

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