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October 21, 2018


Cearbhall O'Dalaigh

It should also be remembered that Michael D. was one of the few Irish politicians to attend the funeral of Dr Noel Browne, the man who did most to eradicate tuberculosis in Ireland.
The rest of the lily livered bunch being afraid of a 'belt of the crozier' if they did so.
Of course Dr. Noel himself was the sole Irish minister to attend the funeral service of Douglas Hyde in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, incurring the clerical wrath of McQuaid (Archb. of Dublin).
Michael D. has served Ireland well and he stood up to be counted when it required bravery to do so.
He is an excellent Ambassador for Ireland and should continue as President.
We should count ourselves lucky to have him.
Just imagine what it would be like if we were stuck with some of the other amadán's who are running.

Michael Taft

Well said, Cearbhall.

Fact Checker

The problem with those on the ideological left (Michael D is one of them) is that injustice abroad is always viewed through the lens of the regime in charge.

Hence the truly bizarre statement on the death of Fidel Castro (">> It contains a mere line on his complete suppression of any democracy and all civil liberties.

It is littered with errors (Cuba does not have 100% literacy and its living standards are appreciably lower than its neighbours). It makes absolutely no mention of his brutal suppression (including summary execution) of those who opposed him, or indeed of the treatment of gay Cubans over the years.

The statement displays a quite spectacular lack of judgement, and leads me to doubt pretty much anything he says on global affairs.

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