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January 07, 2019


John Cunningham

Could be waiting for marine-based energy. May have to bite the bullet on storage and have 1 or 2 massive pumped hydro systems in locations that result in the least environmental damage.

Seamus Diskin

One of the biggest effects of climate change for northern Europe will be massive migration. The right wing consequences that might arise from this are as scary as any weather related effects. A clearly united Left is essential, so lets get behind Carbon Dividend and Just Transition, at least til we have a better plan. J Cunningham's comment about storage is well taken. Carbon Dividend will be more just if it's adjusted (in an easily understood way) for income and travel needs/options. No one's lifestyle is going to come thru this unchanged. Swift, decisive, agreed action is needed. Ireland's CO2 is small but initiatives like State divestment from fossil fuels (Thomas Pringle's Bill) is quoted as a positive example around the world.

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