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May 30, 2019


Colum McCaffery

Michael, You are contributing to the normalisation of SF. A belief in celebrating public bombers/bombing is a morally repugnant viewpoint and belongs on a list including racism and a few others*. This is not a matter of looking back to the past; this is looking at what SF want now.
* There a list in this piece:

Ciaran Moore

So there you go Michael, the first response a sectarian attack on the largest party you analyse.

There are 2 large trends that are intersecting on this island - the re-organisation of constitutional structures (Brexit as well as movement on partition and wider EU de-integration) and the accelerating damage to our environment which seems to have reached a tipping point. These are global issues but will have local solutions. In Ireland I am assuming the conversation will be dominated by pro-market pro-corporate voices as sectarianism will prevent the emergence of the type of movement you correctly propose.

Derek O'Flaherty

Would it not be possible for the parties mentioned to sponsor & support a modest common platform and pledge to support it in the Dail, without having any formal ties to bind them together outside the Dail. We don't need windows into their souls, and I'm not interested in why they dislike other lefties, we just want movement on progressive policies in return for the salaries & state support they're taking.

Seán Quigley

Your analysis and proposals are an excellent start in providing a united left alternative for the people of this country. Keep up the good work and let’s look forward to a bright left future.

Diarmuid O'Flynn

If Colum McCarthy (above) had been around through the 1930s & 40s, tearing at the scabs of the civil war, those wounds would never have healed. The Good Friday Agreement was a generation ago - move on.

Jim ODonnell

Diarmuid, I fully agree and for geographical reasons have voted SF mostly during the past 10 years. However, it is also incumbent on SF - including in their own interest - not to interpret or represent such votes as retrospective validation of the “armed struggle” which as far as I’m concerned, was and remains sectarian terrorism!

Jim Monaghan

Labour of course is a peaceful party, not responsible for the mayhem caused in the World faciliated by the use of Shannon Airport. I wonder if the now, pro coalition leadership of SF follow the same route. The wra in the 6 counties arose out of the repression of the nationalist community. The danger of its re-emergence woudl be down to a failure to deliver jobs and opportunities to the excluded. As the murdered journalist stated,there are many deprived areas that have seen no peace dividend.
Any Left alliance has to have neutrality central in its manisfesto.And any alliance with FG, FF or their clones is a recipe for deepened recessions (Ours were worse than the international norm). and making the poor pay for them.
I am glad that Labour have been excluded from consideration.

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