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January 07, 2020


Michael Waddell

This is excellent analysis.
As a retired person who was active in trade unionism for most of my working life and always voted 'left'. I cannot understand why a common unifying programme for radical transformation cannot be drawn up and all progressive parties/groups, trade unions and community groups asked to unite around it.
This would not require any organisational unity, which is clearly impossible.

Noel Wardick

Excellent article and raises very important points for progressives and those on the left. Brave and courageous leadership is required in such scenarios so the real question for me is does this leadership exist and if not will it/can it emerge? If it does exist how can it be encouraged and supported?


A Minimum Platform, so modest that all left parties can agree, in addition not replacing, their own manifesto. Paid for by Apple cash. We don't need all left parties to agree a govt. Just a set of progressive policies that can win broad support & build confidence that progressive parties can bring meaningful change.

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