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March 31, 2020



Interesting post. In effect, we will have to have proper levels of utility (water) charges and high levels of property tax, for all. Seamus Mallon described the Good Friday Agreement as "Sunningdale for slow learners". You are suggesting that the Trades Unions and the Provos (once again!) are the slow learners. Their opposition to the changes proposed by the 2011-2016 Government should not have happened, but will have to now.

Michael Taft

Niall - all things should be on the table for informed discussion. But it will have to beyond merely tax issues. Collective bargaining, precarious work, low pay, social wage, green new deal, housing, universal basic services, corporate governance and workplace democracy - this conversation is big.

Paul Hunt

And where does tackling the 25% gap between the cost of living in Ireland and the average cost of lving in the Euro Area fit in to this "big conversation", Michael? Or does it not fit in to your agenda? This imposes an excessive, unjustified cost burden of €6,000 on the average household - and the burden is proportionately more severe on lower income households. It wasn't just the housing and health crises that fuelled the SF surge; the cost of living crisis also played a big role.

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