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March 17, 2020


John King

I have been waiting patiently for this post from you (and Tom) very good. Back to Democratic Centralism - do what you're told!

Michael Taft

John - I take your enthusiasm for directed action. But a key element of democratic centralism (in theory, anyway) is the 'democratic' part. We all need to have input in such decisions; in particular, through the trade union movement. But I know that you would support that.

John King

I agree with you Michael, unfortunately I have Lung Fibrosis at an advanced stage and am at the high end of high risk people. While I roll with the punches rather than panic, I think those who ignore social isolation rules should be locked up now. I'm trying to hide from the virus in Kilbrew nursing home near Ashbourne. Take care stay safe

Michael Taft

John - I'm very sorry to hear of your illness. Hopefully you are in the recuperating stage. Please keep in touch.

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