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September 26, 2023



Great article!


Thanks for highlighting the complexity in the provision of Early Childhood Services.

Jan Pettersen

Although you should commended for a well written and well researched article, it is basically an argument against neo-liberalism in a caring profession. There's a lot to be said about this issue, but by taking aim at private operators in the current climate you are missing the target entirely. In fact, they are doing nothing wrong. Instead, you could turn your arguments at successive governments for neglecting the sector. I could list the numerous issues that needs to be addressed, but we all know what they are. Even though the minister is claiming to 'be working on solutions' and making half promises about increases in coming budget, the investment level is coming from such a low base, that we will still be the 'back of the class' compared with other jurisdictions in Europe whatever they put in at the next budget. Ideally, the sector needs a complete overhaul, which btw has been argued for the past 30 years. None of this is the fault of Giraffe, or indeed any of the other private providers.

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